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opening meditation centre 2018 137 small2 




For anyone in need of a moment of peace and tranquility, there is the Meditation Centre. It is located on the second floor of lounge 2.  This room is free and open, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Please follow the signs “Meditation Centre” on the 2nd floor of lounge 2.


During office hours, Airport Chaplaincy staff will be present. Everybody is welcome, regardless of religious or non-religious background.






The Meditation Centre consists of three areas:

      • A meditation centre where you can pray, meditate or just unwind. Groups with their own pastor are welcome to conduct a short celebration.
      • The Airport Chaplaincy holds a service here every Sunday at 11 AM.
      • A small reading room with magazines and flyers about life issues and questions and spirituality.
      • A meeting room where you can speak to Airport Chaplaincy staff.


    The pastors of the Airport Chaplaincy at airport Schiphol Amsterdam